Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Increased awareness leads to more finds

By Beatriz E. Valenzuela

As Hesperia Animal Control officers return to the two-bedroom home on Mesa Street and 11th Avenue they first visited on Tuesday, the tally of cats removed from the home continues to climb.

At last estimation, there were nearly 100 cats at the home, according to Supervisor Suzanne Edson.

According to Edson, officers are not necessarily finding an increase of hoarding cases but an increased public awareness to the issue of animal hoarding, which has led to more tips from the public.

"We're getting more citizens that are saying there's a problem," she said. "Because of news reports, like the story from (Tuesday) and another one from last year and the television shows, there is a heightened awareness of what it is."

People are more aware of the warning signs to animal hoarding and are more apt to report it, she said..." More

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