Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Issue Of Animal Hoarding In Central Ohio


Over the last several days, dozens of dogs have been seized by humane society agents in central Ohio after they were found to be living in inhumane conditions.

Kathy Montgomery says she was never mean to her dogs; the two dozen of them allegedly found caged and covered in feces in her Fayette County trailer; not to mention more than a dozen dogs found dead in a home on the same property. “Things got a little out of hand,” she said. Those dogs were seized by agents on Friday.

Then Tuesday, 89 dogs were seized from a home in Delaware County. Those conditions weren't much better. Those dogs were taken to the Delaware County Humane Society where they are currently being adopted out.

So why do people collect so many animals only to leave them in inhumane living conditions? Jodi Buckman,Executive Director at the Capital Area Humane Society says there could be two reasons. First, they could be a hoarder. “A hoarder might hoard animals, cats or dogs. A hoarder might hoard newspapers, plastic containers, junk mail. It's a mental illness. It's a compulsion,” says Buckman.

Or she says, “There's also folks who just have a huge heart. They have been taking in animals trying to provide shelter and care. The numbers get overwhelming and they don't know where to go for help."..." More

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Anonymous said...

sometimes it is because shelters like cap area and delaware humane TURN ANIMALS AWAY AT THE DOOR and there is no place to take them!