Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Proposed Animal Abuser Registry - New York

Patrick Battuello

NYS currently has a bill pending, A10387, that would create central and county registries for convicted animal abusers “guilty of violence, torture, mutilation, intentional killings, bestiality and animal fighting as well as neglect and hoarding.” Abusers would be photographed and fingerprinted, have relevant personal data entered, and would need to re-register annually for 15 years. The county sheriff’s office would “contact every residence, school, humane society, animal shelter and any other business within a half mile radius of the animal abuser’s residence or location” and provide the abuser’s information (excepting social security number), which “shall be made available to the public”for the 15-year period. “An animal abuser who intentionally or knowingly fails to comply…or provides false information…is guilty of a felony,” punishable by up to four years.

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