Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Book

No Room For Me: Children of Hoarders

by: Grace Brooke & Natasha Rosenstock

he FIRST self-help book for CHILDREN of HOARDERS!

Part pop-culture snapshop, part self-help, part memoir.

Are you looking to hear stories from other children who have gone through the same thing you have; or simply a voyeur, fascinated by hoarders?

An estimated six million to fifteen million people in the United States are hiding a big dirty secret. They are hoarders. Shockingly, many of them have children living in their hoard. Those parents that don’t may have had their children taken away; their children may live with a different parent; or they are adults living on their own.

Each of the aforementioned scenarios presents a different challenge for the child and the hoarder

Many familial relationships have been irrevocably harmed by a parent’s hoarding. Until now, non-fiction, self-help books about hoarding have all focused on the hoarder.

Together with Grace Brooke, professional organizer and also the child of a hoarder, Natasha Rosenstock will examine the lasting effects of growing up with a hoarding parent in the upcoming book, No Room for Me: Children of Hoarders...." More

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