Monday, June 20, 2011

Cat hoarders catch a break — for now


Crazy cat ladies can breath a sigh of relief — for now.

Toronto city council voted to put off dealing with Councillor Josh Matlow’s call for a crackdown on animal hoarding at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

Matlow’s motion for a more coordinated effort in how the city deals with animal hoarding will now be dealt with at the next meeting of Toronto’s influential executive committee.

“This can’t be a problem that continues to linger; it is time for action,” insisted Matlow. “Animal hoarding is a problem in virtually every neighbourhood in Toronto.”

According to city staff, there were 259 complaints for residents keeping too many cats in 2010, up from 236 in 2009 and 243 in 2008. The city received 145 cat odour complaints in 2010, up from 91 in 2009 and 197 in 2008.

The rookie councillor said he’s “incredibly confident” a recommendation supporting his hoarding crackdown will come back to council from the committee.

“I haven’t heard a single councillor tell me they won’t support this at the end of the day,” Matlow said..." More

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