Saturday, June 11, 2011

Animals seized from Little Hocking home

By Sam Shawver

Area officers rescued more than 80 animals from an "unlivable" Little Hocking mobile home Friday and charges of animal cruelty are expected to be filed.

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley's shelter on Mount Tom Road was nearing capacity Friday when the 82 animals were added to the shelter population.

"We were already about 85 percent full but now we're at about 130 percent capacity and we need some help," shelter manager Steve Herron said Friday night.

Thirty-five dogs, 11 birds, four rabbits, two ducks and 30 chickens were removed from the mobile home at 3265 School House Road, Little Hocking, according to a report from the Washington County Sheriff's Office. Nearly all the animals were inside the trailer..." More


Anonymous said...

The authorities are exaggerating the number and actual condition of the animals in question. The seizure papers put the number at over 30 less than that is being reported. And last night, WTAP News reported that a vet had examined all of the animals and said that the animals were all healthy and ready to be adopted.So with that said, just how bad off were those animals, if they were in a condition to be adopted the very night that they were taken. Check ALL of the facts before you get self-righteous.

Anonymous said...

Then the blog owner will never publish it. The authorities are always right, even when they are caught lying, like Whitehair formerly of the Wood County Humane Society. He was fired and brought up on charges for that.

Anonymous said...

Since you say "hoarding" and OCD often overlap. Couldn't what everyone else calls "hoarding" really be considered an addiction. The signs of so-called "hoarding" really point towards an addiction to loving something and not being able to let go. In the case of animals, the addiction would be a desperate need to love and be loved in return. If more eyes and minds were opened to this fact, maybe people would be a little more understanding and try to help these people instead of humiliating and vilifying them as they are wont to do.

vdgray said...

Thank you for being so understanding and trying to get the truth out. They did over exaggerate the numbers and conditions. But the newspaper and authorities are always right. The condition of the animals was finally reported right. They were all healthy. They did not have any of the conditions that were first reported. I've been tryed in the court of public opinion and found guilty. Nobody knows the real truth nor do they want to know. I am a hoarder of animals and everything else. I need help. I'm not a criminal. I do love everyone of my animals and I think the abuse came from the people that drug my dogs out of the house with nooses around their necks. The dogs were crying mercilessly but they kept dragging them. They were stuck in crates in a van that was sitting in the hot sun for over 2 hours. I was only around long enough to see them have one dog with a noose around his neck then I had to leave. No matter how far away I got I could still hear them crying. Then people talk about the sad faces. Wouldn't you be sad too if you had went through what they went through? They miss me and I miss them. They would be happy again only if we were back together. I've got 5 charges of animal cruelty but I don't see even one. The court of public opinion wants me charged with far more and put in prison for years and years. My animals would beg to differ.