Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

by: Kristin Lowman

In Albany County, a Town of Colonie woman is facing animal cruelty charges.
Police and Humane Officers say they found more than 50 cats inside her home, called there after neighbors complained about the animals' conditions.

The Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society says in early April, concerned neighbors called the Town of Colonie Police Department about the cats at 3 John Street.

On April 14th, Colonie Police and a Humane officer went to the home at 3 John Street owned by Margaret Tomko. The Humane Society says Tomko didn't want to cooperate initially, but eventually agreed to voluntarily surrender her animals. That day, the Humane Society says they seized 45 cats from the home.

Colonie Animal Control officers removed another 6 cats from the residence the following day and an additional cat was temporarily housed at a local veterinarian, for a total of 52 cats.

Humane Society officials also confirmed Tomko gave 14 additional cats to a local animal rescuer the day before police arrived because she had heard the police might be coming to her home...

...Shear says Tomko's case is an example of "animal hoarding". Shear says people keep more animals than they are able to care for them, but are unaware of their living conditions.

Tomko faces 5 counts of animal cruelty. In addition, Shear says he would like to see Tomko get additional counseling to make sure this behavior doesn't happen again..." More & video

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