Monday, May 17, 2010

The Secret World of Animal Hoarders

Some people refer to them as the neighborhood cat woman or dog man. But sometimes when you peek behind their closed doors you find the secret life of an animal hoarder.

While their intentions start out as a loving and helpful gesture, it can quickly become an overwhelming situation.

In the past year we’ve seen two horrific situations involving animal hoarding – one area man living with more than a hundred Chihuahuas, dead and alive, and another woman who owned more than 30 cats. All of the animals had to be transferred to area animal shelters.

For some hoarders it’s compassion. For others it’s a sickness that needs serious and immediate intervention.

One by one innocent dogs had to be removed from a tiny home that appeared well kept from the outside. But on the inside the filth and garbage was piled so high hazmat crews had to work in shifts to bring out the dogs that were still alive.

Mark Ramos is senior investigator for the Michigan Humane Society. He says, “We’ve had hoarders where their house will get so bad they moved into their garage.”..."
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