Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Edna Deboard - West Virginia

Edna Deboard, 76, had been ordered to have no animals in her home after 50 were found there in January

A Jackson County woman who was ordered not to own animals - has gotten herself in even more trouble.

Edna Deboard, 76, was arrested in January for having more than 50 animals in her home living in what authorities called "filthy" conditions.

At the time she was told not to get any more pets for at least five years.

But when Jackson County Sheriff's deputies searched her home recently they found more animals, police said.

Deboard now faces 12 additional counts of owning an animal after being convicted of animal cruelty.

She is free on bond..." More

Feb 3, 2010: Shelter and Deputies animals from Silver Hills home

Jackson County Humane Officers, working in conjunction with Sheriff’s Deputies, seized 52 animals from a Silver Hills home last week after the animals were found to be living in conditions described as “filthy” and “nasty.”

According to Lt. A.J. Boggs of the Sheriff’s Department, last Monday, the Sheriff’s Department received a call from Animal Shelter Humane Office Cindy Katris with a complaint regarding the treatment of animals at the residence of Edna Deboard, 76, of Silver Hills, just outside of Ravenswood.

Katris, along with Boggs, Deputy B.L. Varney, and members of Adult Protective Services traveled to the home later that day to speak with Deboard.

Deboard allowed Katris to inspect inside the home, which Boggs described as “nasty.” Following the inspection, Katris determined the animals were living in unsanitary conditions and needed to go.

The following day, Katris, along with three other shelter employees, Boggs, Varney, and APS members returned to execute a search warrant and seize the animals located at the house.

According to Katris, there were 40 animals lodged inside the approximately 1,100 square-foot house, with additional animals located outside the home, all living in “unbearable feces and urine..." More”