Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Animals in Woodbourne seized in 'worst ever' abuse


Fallsburg police and animal control officers removed numerous animals on Tuesday from a ramshackle trailer home in the Town of Fallsburg and charged an elderly woman and her son with animal cruelty.
Police executed a search warrant at 333 Rose Road outside Woodbourne, and found goats, rabbits, geese and two dogs living in "deplorable" conditions.
Virginia Wagner McCombs, 81, and Donald Wagner, 62, were charged with multiple misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty under the section of Agriculture and Markets law that refers to "overdriving, torturing and injuring" animals.
When authorities arrived in the morning, two cocker spaniels were tied by a rope to a pickup truck. The rabbits were in handmade chicken coops covered with feces. Goats were crowded into fenced enclosures on muddy ground. The property was strewn with detritus and hoarded items. Large rats were running around.
"This is the worst I have ever seen," said Joanne Gerow, Fallsburg's animal control officer.
Gerow said authorities seized two dogs, 14 goats, seven baby goats, 23 rabbits, four geese and four chickens. All the animals were taken to a rescue farm in Sullivan County. Gerow said the animals appeared to have been fed, but will be evaluated..."  More

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