Friday, November 30, 2012

Twelve dogs being hoarded saved from Chicago fire

Yesterday, as ABC7 News covered the story about the 12 dogs that were rescued from a house fire on Chicago’s Northwest Side, animal lovers all around Chicagoland sat in stunned silence. Yet another person, this time a 50-year-old man, was hoarding animals and this time the act almost eliminated 12 defenseless animals! So far only one of the dogs died from the fire.
The hoarder lived on the 5000-block of West Winona in the Forest Glen neighborhood. He was taken to the hospital with burns. While no one wants a human being to suffer, it is unbelievable when we hear that animals must suffer due to people hoarding them.
Sometimes the hoarding has this type of result, accidental death because of a tragedy, and sometimes death is due to the fact that the hoarders forget to even feed or provide water to the animals in their care; needless to say they are never taken to a vet, taken for a walk, or even cleaned up after. The animals end up living in utter despair; with filth and negligence..."  More

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