Saturday, April 10, 2010

Louanne Koval - New Jersey

Mar 10, 2010: 88 Dogs Rescued from "Hoarder's" NJ Farm


SPCA calls farm owner a "breeder turned hoarder"

The New Jersey SPCA swooped in to rescue almost 100 dogs from a Salem County farm this weekend.

Animal control officials took 88 dogs from a farm along the 400 block of Monroeville Road in Upper Pittsgrove Township, N.J. Saturday, NJSPCA officials said.

Many of the canines, which range in age from a few months to 11 years old, are infested with parasites and have skin and dental issues, officials said.

"They were very obviously living in very poor sanitary conditions," said Bev Greco of the Cumberland County SPCA. Her organization and the Gloucester County SPCA helped with the raid.

They were living in confined quarters with mass population," Greco said. She also says many of the dogs had urine burns, fecal matter embedded in their fur and some may have never seen sunlight.

The farm's owner, Louanne Koval, 73, has faced animal cruelty charges before, officials said. She was also a puppy breeder.

"This is a hoarder who does it for profit," Greco said.

The Humane Society of the U.S. had been investigating Koval's farm for about a month and have been trying to get Koval to clean up the living quarters, officials say.

They chose to confiscate the animals after the persuasions failed. Farm animals including an emu, buffalo and chickens are still in the woman's care. Attempts to contact Koval for comment were unsuccessful..." More & video