Friday, April 16, 2010

Hoarding Task Force Begins Work

By Bob Grotenhuis / Melanie Olivas

There are people who are pack rats and then there are those who are much worse.

Several local agencies are joining forces now to combat hoarding.

Trash, piles of junk and rodents. The pictures speak volumes. They are just one example of a potentially deadly problem known as hoarding...

"This where she goes to the bathroom in these buckets...urine and feces."

Thanks to shows like A&E's "Hoarder", hoarding's gotten national exposure. Locally, the problem is also getting more attention. Last week, El Paso's newly-formed Hoarding Task Force held its first meeting...

"Hoarding is a major issue in our community. It's probably an underlying problem a lot of people don't report, that's why we decided we needed to have a task forced effectively address the situation."..." More & video