Monday, September 28, 2009

Shelter overwhelmed with cats from hoarding case

ATTLEBORO, Mass.—An animal shelter rescued more than 40 kids from a home in Attleboro.

“(The home owner) was getting foreclosed on. He was told ‘You have to be out and you can’t leave the cats behind or you’ll be charged with animal abandonment,‘“ said Ellaina Knight of the Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter.

On Saturday, volunteers went into the home and rounded up the cats. Area rescuers were able to take some of them in over the weekend, however 28 still need homes.

“Surprisingly they’re in very good shape. Only a couple has sores. They all have fleas. All have probably have ear mites and they range in age from four months to four years,“ Knight said.

Currently, the shelter is caring for the cats inside a barn owned by one of the volunteers. However they can only stay there for a week.

“If every rescue out there took three, the problem would be solved,“ Knight said.

It’s a problem Knight said could have been avoided and an example of why owners need to be more responsible about the pets in their home.

“Don’t let things get out of control. Ask for help before it gets to a situation like this and spay and neuter your animals,“ she said..." More & video