Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Organizing a Hoarder’s Home for Television

by Geralin Thomas

A Look from the Inside the Eye of the Hoardnado

The television series “Hoarders” (A & E) has not only provided the public with invaluable insight into compulsive hoarding, it has also offered a rare inside view into how different professional organizers and mental health professionals approach hoarders and their belongings.

In addition, Twitter, message boards and chat threads are bursting with commentary, advice and thoughts about hoarders and their homes.

Most of the discussions (but not all) are supportive and applaud the bravery of the participants who have been willing to “air their dirty laundry” to the viewing public.

Personally, I like seeing the variety of help available and the different approaches being used. The production company allows each “expert” the freedom to be his or her own boss and do what we normally do -- with cameras, lights and microphones everywhere, of course..." More

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