Friday, February 11, 2011

Curtis and Racine Moore

Feb 11, 2011: Custody Of Hundreds Of Seized Animals Awarded To State

Coryell County Justice of the Peace Coy Latham ruled Thursday that hundreds of animals seized from a ranch should remain in the custody of the state.

Curtis and Racine Moore, the animals’ former owners, face a laundry list of animal cruelty complaints including the original 10 counts of cruelty to livestock animals, two counts of illegal dumping and an additional 64 counts of cruelty to non-livestock animals..." More

Feb 1, 2011: UPDATE: More charges filed in Coryell County animal case

by John Cuoco

UPDATE Feb. 3: An additional 46 misdemeanor Cruelty to Animal charges and six state felony charges have been filed against two Coryell County residents allegedly found with hundreds of animals.

The total charges as of Thursday against Curtis and Racine Moore is now 57 misdemeanor and seven state jail felony each, and the sheriff's office says more charges may be pursued.

The Moores have not been arraigned on those additional charges at this time.

UPDATE Feb. 2: According to the Coryell County Sheriff's office, the homeowners of the property in Coryell County where hundreds of animals were found will face additional felony charges.

Curtis and Racine Moore are both already charged with Cruelty to livestock animals x10, illegal dumping x2.

They will also face felony charges for cruelty to animals evidence of torture, they were served with one warrant Wednesday. There will be more coming, it's unclear when.

So far, their bond has been set at $23,000. An initial court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

We also have some new pictures to show of the animals that were rescued. Click here to go to News Channel 25's Facebook page to see those pictures.

Wednesday, all of the animals, except for 150 dogs were removed from the property and taken to Houston with the SPCA...

...The animals included:

• Over 200 adult dogs and 40 puppies
• 1 Tamarin (primate)
• 2 Bengal Tigers
• 2 Mountain Lions
• 18 domestic cats
• 5 birds (2 macaws, 1 cockatoo, 1 cockatiel, and 1 conure)
• 1 lizard
• Over 30 horses and donkeys
• 10 rodents

According to the SPCA, all of the animals on the property were found living in very poor environmental conditions deemed unhealthy for both humans and animals. The overwhelming stench "spiked" an ammonia meter two feet outside the residence on the property where some of the animals were discovered living in feces- and urine-filled cages..." More & video

Feb 1, 2011: Hundreds of animals found near home: lions, tigers, dogs, horses

by Nate Bishop

CORYELL COUNTY - Two people have been arrested and hundreds of animals seized in a massive raid in rural western Coryell County.

Chief Deputy Joe Blakely says they were serving a search warrant at the home off of C.R. 155 on the welfare of 30 to 40 horses when they found the other animals.

Curtis and Raycene Moore were arrested and charged for animal cruelty in regards to the horses, but could face more charges because of the all the dogs and a dump site behind their property..." More & video

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