Thursday, April 30, 2009

Animal Control Seizes More Than 100 Animals

People Line Up To Adopt Seized Chihuahas 

By: Audrey Adair, WMBB

Eighty-two dogs were seized from a Calhoun County home last week and today Bay County Animal Control receives the go ahead to start adopting out the chihuahuas…

Beth Hall, the 59-year-old woman who the dogs were taken from, is charged with felony animal cruelty and 105 misdemeanor charges of animal neglect…More

Judge Gives Bay County Animal Control Ownership Of Seized Dogs 

“… Judge Kevin Grover, ruled in favor of the request by Bay and Calhoun County to take ownership of the dogs and start adopting them out to new homes. Animal control tells News 13 they’ve already received around 250 pre-applications for the dogs…”  More

Apr 29, 2009:  Animal Control Seizes More Than 100 Animals

By: Audrey Adairm,  WMMB

Calhoun County, Fla — What began as an investigation for one horse ends in the seizure of more than 100 animals, 90 of them dogs. When the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office went to check on a report of a malnourished horse. What they found triggered a much bigger investigation…

“Conditions were horrible,” says Bay County Animal Control Director Jim Crosby. “Some of them were in small cages, some of them were in cages off the ground, some of them were living lose, some we caught them under the beds, in book cases, behind things”

Crosby and his team spent the entire day rounding up puppies both inside and outside the property. He continues, “The floor in this residence seems to be saturated in urine and feces.”

Bay County Animal Control found 30 dogs outside on the property, but that number has more then doubled as they continue to pull dogs from inside the house. They found 90 dogs total, all chihuahuas. As well as five horses and 16 goats.

Beth Hall, 59, is charged with one felony count of animal cruelty. However, those charges could soon increase with every animal found. Calhoun County Sheriff David Tatum explains, “I expect that each of the animals that we remove here from this point on, primarily dogs, she will receive a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty.” He says the investigation initially started because of a malnourished horse found on the property but that revealed a much bigger issue. Remains were also found. Sheriff Tatum says, “And it too, appears to have a hole in its skull like perhaps it.. The animal was shot.”…”  More & Video